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We the directors of this company have great pleasure and pride for being part of these ambitious projects, which for most us like a dream of life being realised, while many will see this as an opportunity for the right investment.

This is no secret that Jharsuguda has witnessed a growth rate, which can be termed as the fastest in the world with 50000 crores to 1 Lac crore of rupees coming in to Industrial projects like Vedanta & others, which are within Jharsuguda.  It doesn’t need to be an economist to forecast the growth rate of the city of Jharsuguda in the coming years. The value of real estate has already sky rocketing and seen an unprecedented hike. Most importantly this trend is not going to stop in the foreseeable future. 

Considering the need of the people to provide them quality homes and investment opportunity, the directors of the company set a goal to provide both affordable and luxurious apartments, which will not only satisfy the need of the people for a quality accommodation, but will make the best of use of the land.

The Primary goal of the company is to provide quality accommodation both luxurious and affordable addressing the needs of all classes.

The directors have already proved their competence by having successfully completed the project “Neo Heights”

We at Ramkrishna Promoters & Builders are aware of the intricacies and technicalities needed for such projects. Every minute detail is kept in mind from the ground up to the finishing of the project for example good ventilation for air and natural light.

As they say a good environment brings in a sense of well being & happiness. A good and nice home is the starting point of a good environment for you, your family and your children.

And it is this good environment the directors are working on and are committed to. The company is always finding new ways to add value to your investment.

We shall continue to communicate and interact with you in these pages.